Sparkle Templates Spring - 10 sheets


Sparkle Templates Spring - 10 sheets

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Spring Sparkle Templates - 10 sheets

Tingling is not only fun, it also promotes fine motor skills, concentration and hand-eye coordination. Simply pierce the pre-printed dots with the pricking needle and decorative motifs are created for mobiles, lanterns or many other decorative ideas.

This set includes:

  • 2x spring lanterns, DIN A5, 170 g/m² recycled paper, printed in color on both sides, two lanterns per sheet
  • 2x birds, 2x turquoise butterflies, 2x blue flowers, 2x orange flowers, DIN A5, 300 g/m² recycled paper, printed in color on both sides - can be used for numerous decorative ideas (mobiles, table decorations, cake decorations and much more)
  • Ages 3 and up – under adult supervision

And so it goes:
When prickling, you poke holes in the dots on the template with the prickling needle. A felt serves as a base so that the table is not scratched. The motifs are then cut out or pricked out and used for a variety of decorations.

Sparkling motifs as cake decoration
If you attach the sparkle motifs to shashlik skewers with hot glue, you can put them in the cake as a cake topper for a themed birthday party, for example.

Prickly motifs as gift tags
The tingly motifs can also be attached to gifts with a small wooden clip and thus decorate each gift personally. For themed birthdays, the tingling motifs can be attached to giveaway bags with the wooden clips. 

Sparkling motifs as a mobile
Either individually or hung on top of each other in the mobile, the tingling motifs look wonderful. Simply attach a piece of string to a motif as a hanger or connect several motifs with a piece of string.

Sparkling motifs as table decorations
Simply stick the sparkle motifs into place card holders or scatter them decoratively on the table.

Sparkle Lanterns
Two different lanterns are shown on each craft sheet. The front is always multi-colored, the back one-colored. This results in several variants, depending on which side you take to the outside when gluing. Simply prick the pre-printed dots, cut out the lantern and glue it together on the flap.

Made in Germany