Wooden tinker tray - Large
Wooden tinker tray - Large
Wooden tinker tray - Large


Wooden tinker tray - Large

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Sort, count, assign and train fine motor skills. Children are supported by the sorting tray.

Children experience the world by collecting things and familiarize themselves with it. Natural materials such as shells, stones or particularly beautiful leaves evoke a lively passion for collecting in many (kindergarten and school) children.

A stone is taken with you when you go for a walk, a snail shell that was found in the garden is held in your hand for hours or a crown cap is put in your pocket. Maybe children want to take the good feelings home with them from the excursion when they take stick and stone with them.

Little collectors are curious, creative, imaginative and eager to experiment. Collecting trains a wide range of skills and abilities , including: taking a close look, comparing, recognizing similarities and differences, sorting, arranging, creating categories, systematising, attentiveness and concentration, patience, dexterity and much more!

An impressively diverse Montessori material.

size 44.5 cm x 40 cm

< p> Handmade in the Netherlands

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