Pen holder for 12 pens
Pen holder for 12 pens


Pen holder for 12 pens

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This wonderful, handcrafted wooden board is a holder that offers great storage for the pens.

There is wonderful space for 12 pens and they are always ready for use. The pencils are kept in such a neat and orderly manner, they don't take on each other's color and invite every little artist to paint. The pens can also be tidied up in no time by putting the pen holder on the shelf. The holder is aesthetically very pleasing and also very practical.

This also teaches the children to be careful and considerate when dealing with their work materials. Each of my things is valuable and has its place.

The scope of delivery here includes a holder without pens, for all families and institutions that already have the pens.

Material: wood

Size: 6.2 x 9.1 cm