Wool vest in 2 designs
Wool vest in 2 designs
Wool vest in 2 designs


Wool vest in 2 designs

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This wonderful vest is perfect all year round and also looks chic. Since it is made of wool, it prevents your child from sweating. Please note that this is not a soft, cuddly fleece but a natural product. Which doesn't mean the material is scratchy. It is a very high quality, functional and durable wool. And that's exactly why we value this material so much.

The vest is an absolute heartfelt recommendation from us, because we have tested it extensively.

The vest runs small and we recommend that you take one size larger.

Size XS - approx. 1-2 years

Size S - 2-4 y

Size M - approx. 5-6 years

The product is made of 100% wool. Without the addition of synthetic fibers: durable and breathable. Wool is warm, comfortable and wicking away moisture. The wool has a fine structure and can therefore breathe easily. This makes the products suitable for all seasons.

Material: 100% wool (mulesing-free and woolmark certified)

Sizes 92-98 have no pockets. Sizes 92-98 & 104-110 have 1 button