Wax Gnome, cardboard case - 12 colors


Wax Gnome, cardboard case - 12 colors

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The short, strong shape of the wax crayons is ideal for smaller children and beginners. The handy, child-friendly shape is ideal for swing exercises, painterly designs with strong lines and large areas.

The nawaro wax crayons consist exclusively of natural ingredients without petrochemical waxes and are absolutely non-toxic!

This new generation of wax crayons made from renewable raw materials fulfills the usual desire for high opacity and good abrasion. Only the best natural raw materials are used in these exclusive crayons. A light white veil, the wax blossom, on the wax crayons is proof of quality and proves the high beeswax content.

The colors of the natural chalks have a stimulating effect on the imagination and give a harmonious impression. nawaro wax crayons are a high quality product with which an extraordinary painting experience can be achieved. The soft colors also come into their own on recycled paper.

Ingredients: Vegetable stearins, over 25% pure beeswax, vegetable wax, purified champagne chalk, lanolin, silicic acid, high proportion of food coloring, earth and mineral pigments, stabilized with selected organic pigments.