Wool vest for children
Wool vest for children
Wool vest for children
Wool vest for children


Wool vest for children

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This wonderful vest* is perfect all year round and also looks chic. Since it is made of wool, it prevents your child from getting "wet" sweating or feeling cold. Please note that this is not a soft cuddly fleece but is a natural product. Which doesn't mean the material is scratchy. It is a very high quality functional and durable wool. And that's exactly why we value this material so much.

Size Chart

Total length cm / total width cm

1Y/86cm - 34cm / 32cm

2J/92cm -40cm/35cm

4J/104cm - 45cm / 38cm

6Y/116cm - 50cm / 41cm

The product is made of 100% wool. Without the addition of synthetic fibers: durable and breathable. Wool is warm, comfortable and moisture-wicking. The wool has a fine structure and can therefore breathe well. This makes the products suitable for all seasons.

Material: 100% wool

manufactured in Poland

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